Review: Michelle Ann

Color: Honey Blonde

Date: 12/07/2015


"Shine & Texture.....So glad I found you again...😘😘😘


100% Colored by Nature
Safe for You and the Planet......"


Review: Piper McLeod

Color: Strawberry Blonde



"I received my package yesterday, thank you! I applied the color today. I was born with naturally red hair and have used henna for ten years now, same company, little changes in the color chosen. The strawberry blonde I received was a perfect match for what I had been using. I am extremely grateful to you for this sample and will order more in about six weeks!"


Review: Carly Aguiar

Color: Mahogany

Date: 12/18/2015


"I am in love!!

Thank you so much Radico Colour me Organic.

15 long years since I have dyed or played with my hair color, as I was needing to avoid chemicals and the very strong smells that accompany it.


Now I no longer have to go without some spunk and play for my pixie cut!
I was thrilled to see your product uses all herbs, no chemicals, it's all-natural, all organic, beyond simple easy to understand, and apply at home. And it smells good!


Thank you for creating a product that I can use as a very health-conscious individual, and one that I can feel confident recommending, as a holistic nurse, and wellness coach/advocate.


Thank you for the lovely product.

My hair feels great!

Even thicker if that's possible!


Carly A.
Southern California"

Review: Sherry Bartels
Date: 01/10/2016
Color: Soft Black


"My husband thinks it looks good and he isn’t prone saying much.


...You can really see the difference! A co-worker told me how beautiful my hair was this morning."

Review: Teresa Adorjan
Date: 01/08/2016
Color: Golden Blonde


"I did try the Radico sample that you sent me, about three weeks ago. I was waiting a bit to respond, to get an idea of how long it lasts. I have a bunch of noticeable gray roots in front and the rest is brown. I decided on the Golden Blonde it looked dark enough to cover the gray. I left it in for an hour and a half because I haven't died my hair in months. The result was fantastic golden highlights, that seemed to get darker as the week went on. My hair was soo shiny and healthy. I've used many different henna products on my hair in the past and have never been this satisfied. I love that you can mix and use a little or as much as you want. I recommend this hair dye to everyone who wants to dye their own hair and have told a bunch of my friends. It's easy and smells organic. I will definitely be using it again and I am satisfied 100%. Thank you SO much for a free trial.It is awesome."

Review: Connie Burton 

Color: Soft Black

Date: 12/29/2015


"I love that I'm not putting harsh Ingredients on my hair!! I find my hair feels thicker after treatment and its coverage is sufficient considering the natural ingredients! I still need time to assess how long the color lasts but am happy so far! Thank you

Review: Nicki Uchino

Color: Strawberry Blonde

Date: 12/26/2015


"I love this product! I don't usually like my hair all one tone so have always added highlights to my hair. This color protects my hair from the very little chemical I use for the highlights and gives me a perfect after-shade! My hair looks healthier and feels very thick. Its day 3 and the color becomes more and more obvious. Thank you! I am looking forward to all the other shades available to try the product again!"

Review: Natalie Shook

Color: Brown

Date: 12/20/2015


"Thank you so much for letting me try your Organic hair color Radico! I haven't been able to color my hair for 9 months undergoing Lyme disease and lupus treatments. No burning, itching, chemicals!!! Made all my yucky highlights smooth and manageable again with my natural color. I Love It!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡You made my Christmas! ☆"

Review: Yadira Veleta
Date: 12/04/2016
Color: Mahogany
" I tried the product and love my hair. It feels a lot smoother and hydrated it's also shiny. I only mixed 1/3 of a cup and loved the results. Planning on another application in a month or so.
Thank you @Radico for my free sample.
#hennahairdye is the best!"
Review: Rebecca Dodge
Date: 11/24/2016
Color: Wine Red
"Loved it. Would like to be able to use it a few more times to get a full-color effect. Thank you.”
Review: Giselle Videtto
Date: 03/07/2016
Color: Radico Organic Colorless Henna Powder
"My hair has been very damaged and broken since I bleach it a lot or color it since I'm attending Cosmetology school, Im always changing my hair. It became very dry and brittle to the point I couldn't really do much with it but once I started using the Hair conditioning colorless henna powder by Radico, my hair feels so much healthier and softer and looks more smooth and shiny. My friends and family can even tell the HUGE difference its made and their always asking what I used to bring my hair back to life. I will definitely continue to use this product!!(: "

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